UA-69776335-3 Financial Fluency: How Women Thrive Outside of the 9 to 5
Financial Fluency: How Women Thrive Outside of the 9 to 5
#123 - Honor Your Intuition with Cameo Gore

#123 - Honor Your Intuition with Cameo Gore

October 3, 2017

Have you ever wondered how to impact the world using your gifts and talents? On today’s episode of Financial Fluency, I have the pleasure of speaking with Cameo Gore, an intuitive success coach. In her line of work, she uses high-level business strategies to help online and brick-and-mortar businesses with growth and development. She helps develop businesses with the heart over hustle mindset. In her own business, Cameo mentions on the show that she loves working with coaches that have an intuitive side and understand energy, in addition to having a highly-strategic side.

Before jumping into entrepreneurship, Cameo worked as a registered nurse and had a career in the medical field. She tells me that she left a high-level job as the Director of Surgery  at a pediatric hospital in the Bay Area to pursue a freedom-based business. She stepped away from corporate so she could redistribute her time and priorities with her family.

Right after leaving her corporate job, she went straight into strategy in addition to personal development. She quickly realized her strength was working with energy. For Cameo, energy work is aligning your energy with higher-vibrational frequencies so you can a match for the most incredible things to come into your life.

Now, Cameo’s mission is to help women live fully empowered lives and create businesses that are in alignment with their gifts, talents, and intuition. Cameo helps clients upgrade money consciousness to rise to the next level of success and freedom.


Quotes from the Show

“We all have the gift of intuition, it’s about using it and applying it to your business to create success.”

“Your business isn’t going to grow and you’re not going to get to the next-up level if you’re not working in alignment with how you’re feeling.”

“Your life can unfold in direct proportion to the vision of what you actually want to be creating.”

To learn more about Cameo, her business, and retreats, visit her website or follow her on social media:



Cameo’s 5-day money challenge:

Cameo’s 7-week acceleration program is open for enrollment right now, sign up here:



Cameo Gore is the Lifestyle and Business Success Coach (and modern intuitive) that you need on your team if you’re a creative, conscious woman ready to make great money from your spiritual gifts on your terms. A certified energy healer and business coach with 15 years experience making millions for others, Cameo brings both razor-sharp intuition and solid business acumen to the table to help her clients create thriving businesses with soul-driven business strategy and spiritual alignment.

When she’s not Skyping with clients or hosting beautiful retreats around the globe, you can find Cameo soaking up the sun on the beach, booking a midday massage, hiking on the trails or hanging with her husband and kids. Learn more about building a business that makes bank from your natural gifts at

#122 - Streamline Your Online Business with Erin Hook Kelly

#122 - Streamline Your Online Business with Erin Hook Kelly

September 26, 2017

Are you ready to streamline your online business? On this episode of Financial Fluency, I have Erin Hook Kelly with me. Erin is an online business manager and founder of Member Vault, a CRM (customer or client relationship management) tool where you can create and manage content for your business and well as engagement and lead tracking.

Erin’s path to creating Member Vault was accidental she tells me. Originally, she started working as an OBM (online business manager). As Erin put it—she acts as the ‘second business brain’ to help clients work on their business. What started as a quick tool for one of her clients, turned into something much bigger—a business. At the time, there weren’t many tools on the market to meet a particular client’s needs, so her husband (who is a developer) decided to build something himself. Now, the platform has evolved from housing courses to a full-fledged content platform. Erin tells me this is now merging into her full-time business.

Although Member Vault has seen proven success over the six months, Erin tells me on the show the decision to focus her time and energy wasn’t an easy one. There were times she would stay up at night wondering if she made the right decision. With her busy life, her online business, a 15-month-old, and all the other responsibilities Erin was juggling—something had to give. The book The Pumpkin Plan gave her the insight and courage she needed to make the right decision on what to focus her energy on: being the OBM to Adrienne Dorison, and passing over all her course materials to her and focusing her time on Member Vault.

“Be ruthless about your energy.” - Erin Hook Kelly

So what makes Member Vault different? First things first, it’s a content platform that’s based on your opt-in, and it’s a great way to surface the content you already have and track what people are consuming. What content you use is entirely up to you. It can be audio, video, pdfs, you name it. You can put your website URL, waitlist, your one-on-one services into the platform—any content you want people to have access to. Alongside content is the engagement portion of Member Vault. The tool allows you to see your most popular content, engagement points, and users. Erin also tells me that some popular user requests are in the pipeline for Member Vault updates in the new year and include affiliate programs, payments, and more.

To learn more about Erin or Member Vault visit: or visit her social media channels:


Erin’s Personal Message

Automated, personalized engagement is the wave of the future in online business. We saw it with email marketing tools like Active Campaign, and now we're seeing it with Facebook bots, website tools like ConvertFlow and of course, my course platform, Member Vault. Give your clients, and prospective clients, a personal experience by providing support, and sales pitches, that are appropriate for their stage and phase.


Start your 30-day free trial with Member Vault today


Erin Kelly is an OBM for the fantastic Adrienne Dorison, and a co-founder of the automated engagement focused course platform, Member Vault, where students complete courses, and course creators watch their income domino.

#121 Learn to Leverage Yourself with Jen Groover

#121 Learn to Leverage Yourself with Jen Groover

September 19, 2017

There are so many hours in a day, but we also know that everyone in the world gets the exact same number of hours. So how do some people do so much? My guest today, Jen Groover, knows. Early on in her entrepreneurial career she realized that she had to leverage herself to be able to do more than trade dollars for hours. She does this through licensing, delegating, team building and having the right supports in place for all of her different businesses. What more details on how she does it? She is more than happy to share that with you through her Jumpstart Connect Pop-up store in NYC. Not in NYC? Soon there will be a virtual version online too!


Show notes:

Jen Groover is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, author, and media contributor. Jen got involved in the fitness industry straight out of college when she graduated in 1995 but quickly realized that she needed to find some way to leverage herself and her time so she would not be limited to trading hours for dollars.

A few of Jen’s quotes from the episode:

"Once I'm comfortable I need to make myself uncomfortable again."

"Licensing is a huge part of my business model."

“I believe Entrepreneurs are a huge part of healing the world.”

“Fear is the thing that holds people back the most. The more you can educate someone, the more you can eliminate fear.”

Jen is also the author of the book What If and Why Not. This book focuses on the psychology of taking what is negative in your life and finding the positive spin. It was published in 2013. Her second book, #Empowered, will be coming out in the fall of 2017. Right now she is working on her third book, Operator's Manual for Life. Now that sounds like something we could all use now and then.

Jen was also recently nominated as a UN delegate to the first ever Global Accelerator for the Global Entrepreneurs Council. For this council, each person chooses a topic that they are very good at and another that they do not know much about. Sometimes a person's ignorance in a certain field can actually bring breakthroughs from the questions they ask. The field that Jen chose as something she didn't know much about was health care. These discussions bring more innovation to the solutions around specific problems.

You can connect with Jen Groover via her website at



Jumpstart Connect- October 10, 11, 12th in NYC

What If? and Why Not?: Transform Your Fears Into Action and Start The Business of Your Dreams

Jen Groover has been tagged by SUCCESS MAGAZINE as a “One-Woman Brand,” a “Creativity and Innovation Guru” and a leading “Serial Entrepreneur” by Entrepreneur Magazine and ranked #8 by SAP in the Top 51 Influencers of Human Potential. Jen Groover’s name has quickly become synonymous with innovation, entrepreneurship and evolution. She was recently nominated as a UN delegate to the first ever Global Accelerator for the Global Entrepreneurs Council. She also made history at the NYSE, as a member of the first all-female group to ring the opening bell and made Forbes’ list of “50 Founders You Need to Follow on Twitter.” Jen’s energy and multi-faceted, diverse wisdom make her a highly sought after speaker on topics ranging from business to leadership, empowerment to emotional intelligence to healthy living, and enhancing productivity.

#120 - Powered By Love Littles with Anna and Lindy

#120 - Powered By Love Littles with Anna and Lindy

September 15, 2017

Do you think it’s important to teach our children the power of affirmation? On today’s episode of Financial Fluency, I’m excited to chat with Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood, founders of Love Powered Co.  Love Powered Littles is a different kind of card deck for parents to use with their children to affirm greatness from within.

Lindy mentions on the show that both her and Anna had been on a separate (but simultaneous) road to self-discovery for quite some time. Once they both had children of their own, both women wanted to bring the practice of self-assured affirmation to their kids. Lindy and Anna mention the most compelling quality of their affirmation cards is what’s happening behind the scenes—the messages are being reprogrammed on a conscious and subconscious level with children, so they connect what they’re saying and doing.

The idea started with their own children. Anna and Lindy had their routine they’d do with their kids before bed, and it included repeatedly saying affirmations and thanking for their blessings. But the women realized that their children didn’t know what the words meant, and that’s when the lightbulb clicked—using a vocabulary children identify with -  adorable characters to make the experience fun and relatable.

As stated from their website, the Love Powered Littles affirmation cards include:

  • 22 Powers. These are the qualities of emotionally intelligent trailblazers. The POWERS we all have within us, that at times, we just need to be reminded of.
  • Connection. Focus on the power of CONNECTION between parent and child. Leave the screen at the door, this is a time to be present, engaged and wholeheartedly connected.
  • Conscious Awareness. Instead of 1 affirmation per card, they have grouped together 3 related terms + a statement to help our littles grasp the meaning of the words and how they all relate to each other.
  • Examples & Feelings. Parents and children think of examples and 'times when', going even deeper and asking “How did this make you feel?” By connecting their own experiences to each POWER, and remembering how they felt, it helps our children to understand the words and statements they are saying, and connect deeper to the meaning behind them.
  • Aesthetic. These cards are so darn adorable and just oh-so-delicious, they are certain that you and your littles will find it hard to wait to get your hands on them!


To find out more about Love Powered Co. visit their website: or follow them on social media:


Love Powered Littles Kickstarter

Love Powered Co. Video


Founders, Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood are friends and soul sisters who realized that together, they have a powerful message to share with the world. Months ago, they started talking about what is lacking in the marketplace when it comes to personal growth products for families. Their mission is to create a self-worth movement, powering the next generation of mindful leaders.

#119 Loving to Be Me with Katie Kozlowski

#119 Loving to Be Me with Katie Kozlowski

September 12, 2017

How would you look at yourself differently if you were hit by a taxi while walking home? For Katie Kozlowski, it was a wakeup call for her on that tragic night, and the accident made her recognize that she had a lot more to do with her life. Katie has now dedicated her life to guide both herself and her clients to self-love and mindfulness. In addition to coaching, Katie is the creator of Loving to Be Me. She also does voice acting for children shows, advertisements, and much more as well.

On the show, Katie brings up her background and how she has been singing and performing her whole life. Before her taxi accident, she was a brand ambassador for a liquor company. Katie mentioned she had destructive behaviors in the past, too. She grew up with alcoholism in her family and that subconsciously affected her into her adult life.

At the time of her accident, she wasn’t in a great relationship, and she felt herself spiraling down. One night, she got stood up by her boyfriend and started thinking suicidal thoughts “Does any one care if I die?” Seconds later she got hit by a taxi. And she had a chance to reassess how she was living and thinking, and that’s when she got on the track of mindfulness. She asks listeners on the show to think about this: “Are the things you’re doing self-loving or destructive?”

Katie tells me that once she started sharing her story, she began to inspire people. She never intended to build an empire, but Katie wanted to make something of her mess and use it for good.

Powerful Quotes from Katie

“Truth resonates so powerfully because what you’re saying is true...Anything you’re looking for you have inside. You don’t need to go into debt to find it.”

“Once you find it inside of yourself—it shows up.”

“When it comes to sales and running a business, you have to learn to charge and own your value.”

“If you have negative space (emotions or a bank account), don’t run away from it or cover it up. Sit it in and think about what you’re going to fill it with.”

To learn more about Katie, visit her site: or follow her on social media:


Join a 7-day creative journey with Katie at it’s held on the second week of each month for free.

Katie’s voice over work can be found at her SoundCloud:


Katie Kozlowski is a self love and mindfulness coach and the creator of Loving To Be Me. After being hit full on by a taxi at 30 years old and walking away completely unharmed, Katie received her "wake up call" from God and dedicated the rest of her life to teaching others the value and importance of loving yourself as you are. Katie combines personal experience, NLP, EFT, and other cutting edge mindfulness technique help people recover from trauma, personal challenges and low self esteem to create a more loving relationship with the self.


Biz Buddies Preview With Niamh Arthur

Biz Buddies Preview With Niamh Arthur

September 6, 2017

Welcome to this Special Episode of Financial Fluency! Today I am on the show with Niamh Arthur, my Biz BF to announce that we are having a baby! Well, a baby of sorts. We have just launched a new podcast together called Biz Buddies!


Being an online entrepreneur or freelancer can be lonely. Niamh and I have been Biz Buddies for over a year and a half now, scheduling weekly calls not to instruct, coach, or formally do anything for each other, but by being genuine friends we have helped and done more for each other than coaches or employees sometimes can. On this show we pull aside the curtain and let the world in on the behind the scenes of our own online businesses, the good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. On this new show we chat, plot, plan, rant, rave and sometimes ugly cry about the ups and downs of online entrepreneurship. We also talk about what books we are reading, what podcasts we listen to, who we are following and what we are up to in all different areas of our lives.


Want to know how Niamh sold out her Challenges with Impact offering in a single day? (We talk about that in today’s Financial Fluency episode as well as on the Biz Buddies show.) Want to know who goes into doing a massive 30 Day Challenge that more than a thousand people sign up for? Want to hear how I get hung up trying to finish things and actually get paid offerings out there? Then come on over to Biz Buddies! Download the podcast episodes and sign up HERE to get on our list to learn more about the coming Biz Buddies group and the possible retreat at a secret, very magical place in Southern Ireland. We want to be your Biz Buddy too!


You can find more on Niamh Arthur right HERE.

And you can find Biz Buddies on iTunes right HERE.

And if you want to watch the Biz Buddies episodes on YouTube, you can find those HERE.



Niamh’s Ignite 30 Day Video Challenge

Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestly

Join the Biz Buddies List to show interest in a future group and retreat in Ireland!

Curious about the record label I run with my husband? You can find our website HERE!

#118 Healing Yourself with Carol Egan

#118 Healing Yourself with Carol Egan

August 29, 2017

Carol Egan is an executive health coach who has lived through many health issues, to the point where sick was her identity.

Despite consulting many doctors for her long list of symptoms,  she continued to get worse.  Finally she came to the conclusion that if she was ever going to get better, she would have to figure out what was wrong on her own.  

She learned all she could about healing.  She obtained her degree, and continued on to post graduate school in nutrition, digestive health, detoxification and the study of human potential.  

She shares how traditional medicine completely overlooks the effects of nutrition on the body, and how inflammation caused by the food we eat plays havoc on our bodies, creating debilitating symptoms that plague more and more people every day.  

By applying all that she learned she has obtained an excellent level of health, and helps others learn how to achieve the same.  She focusses on creating health as being fun - something she teaches her clients as well.

Carol shares her three part “wholy trinity” first steps to getting healthy:

  1. Green juice
  2. Green smoothy
  3. Meal sized salad every day.

Start off small, with the eventual goal of having one of each every day.  Go with what feels right and bit by bit, you will start to feel better!

Carol shares her message here:  

A healthy body is important for every success we ever hope to achieve. It's not necessarily diet and exercise that are important specifically, but rather how diet and exercise, with the proper mindset and relationship to self, impact us and our decision making on a physiological level.


A person who is healthy on a physiological / biochemical level is in greater balance, and when in greater balance, we possess the mental and emotional clarity and skills to better manage every area of life.


You can learn more about Carol and her business by visiting her website: or following her on social media:



Free opt-ins:


New Mini Program:

HOT: Health on Track Now:


Anyone who signs up for one of her free opt-ins, will receive her Wholey Trinity guide which has over 100 recipes of juices, smoothies and salads.



Carol Egan is an executive health coach, with an expertise in digestive health and detoxification. She works with accomplished professionals who want to look and feel as healthy as they are successful. They spent years prioritizing success over health, and are now troubled by excess weight, exhaustion, and foggy thinking at work and home. She helps them take control of their health, so they can focus on what matters most to them in their life and career.

#117 Dare To Be More with Kimberly Patrick

#117 Dare To Be More with Kimberly Patrick

August 22, 2017

What would you do if you dared to do and be more? Today I have proven sales and recruiting expert, Kimberly Patrick with me on this episode of Financial Fluency. Kimberly is a sales coach, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and author (among many other roles). She focuses on helping senior executives identify, select, and attract passive top talent.

Kimberly’s path was a winding one. She starts by telling me how she got into her many businesses. From multi-level marketing to social work, to sales and recruiting, and finally to where she is today with her own business. For Kimberly, her entrepreneurial spirit started at a young age as she observed her grandparents run their own family business.

When Kimberly was in college, she began her sales career with Mary Kay and got her taste of multi-level marketing. She quickly realized that she was better suited in a B2B environment instead of selling in a B2C market. After college, Kimberly went on to social work, but that career path was emotionally and mentally exhausting. It wasn’t until graduate school when she started building companies with her ex-husband and then she moved into the sales and recruiting industry.

On the show, Kimberly tells me how she started her first recruiting business in 2008. But that year, real estate among many other industries collapsed. All of her clients were laying off instead of hiring. Kimberly hung in there a bit, but it was also a tough year for her personally as it was professionally. She was going through a divorce, and took a lot of time for herself and moved back to DC.

Fast forward to today, Kimberly most recently launched a program, Smart Selling, for women in business. This program is 10-12 weeks, and it helps members identify clients, hammer in on their marketing and sales plans, optimize their sales funnels, and more. To help those having difficulty with this aspect of their business, they’ll take a look at where (what channels) they’re posting and what they’re posting. She says messaging is very important, so it’s essential to tweak as needed and get creative throughout the process.

Kimberly’s Tips on How to Get Started:

  1. Identify your target audience. First, you have to make sure who your ideal client is and where they hang out. See where they are and start engaging with them.
  2. Build out your freebies. Get to know your target audience and start conversations with them. Let them know about your offers and freebies, especially if you’re selling directly to a consumer.
  3. Pick technology carefully. The technology you use throughout your business is very important. Kimberly uses a few tools to help her business such as ActiveCampaign and Instapage.

You can learn more about Kimberly and her business by visiting her website: or following her on social media:



Smart Selling Coaching Program:

Kimberly’s Book: Dare to be More



Kimberly Patrick has served as an advisor to some of the brightest CEO’s, Presidents, and Leaders. Kim is a Certified Business Coach and a driven entrepreneur. She became passionate about working with business owners as a child, while growing up

in a family business. Kim has been an entrepreneur since she was 17. She has founded multiple companies in real estate development, recruiting, and fitness.

Kim lives in Austin and is a new mom. She is truly living the dream and juggling everything! She spends her “spare” time investing and developing real estate, coaching mompreneurs, and helping startups find and attract the best talent. Kim serves  on the board of directors of The Texas Recruiters Association and is the Director of StartupGrind Austin. She is deeply involved in the startup community where she spends her time helping companies select and hire the right talent. Kim’s passion is connecting people and helping startups grow their organizations with the best passive talent.

#116 Quit The Job You Hate with Jessica DeBry

#116 Quit The Job You Hate with Jessica DeBry

August 15, 2017

Are you working at a job you hate? Feel like there’s no way out? Then this episode is for you! Jessica DeBry is an online business manager who teaches women how to build the business they love so they can quit the job they hate!


How to get started:


Step 1: First step is the Time Pocket Formula. Write down how you spend all of your time every day. Figure the pockets of time where you can dedicate 30 minute to an hour or even two hour blocks of time in your day that you can consistently dedicate to building your business. Can you find 10-15 pockets per week or the equivalent of 10 hours per week? How about a morning routine to make sure you get some time in each day?


Step 2: What do you want to accomplish in your 10 hours per week? Create 3 big goals every week to work towards that will get you where you want to be. Do you need to build your email list? Do you need more visibility from activities like guest posting, podcast or getting on or starting a YouTube channel?


Step 3: Then put the tasks you identified into the time pockets available in your schedule. Then DO the tasks at the appointed times!


Jessica also recommends that you have something completely passive in your business as soon as possible. Create some kind of low priced offer that you can build a funnel to? This means having a free opt-in like a cheat sheet or checklist to encourage people to sign up to your email list, after then get the freebie, then they get a few emails that lead them towards the low priced offer like an ebook or a mini course with a few videos. This will help you get your systems up so it will be easier to scale once you leave the job and start making your side-hustle your full time hustle!


You can connect with Jessica Debry via her website at and, and you can find her new monthly membership club for side-hustlers at


You can grab her free side-hustle bundle to get you started right here:



Savor The Success Daily Action Planner

The Content Planner

90 Day Year and 90 Day Year Planner

The Five Minute Journal

Miracle Morning

168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

Jen’s Goodreads #100boosayear Challenge

Show Your Work

Kindle White Pages

The Art of Asking


Jessica DeBry shows women how to quit the job they hate and build a business they LOVE.


As an Online Business Mentor, Jessica teaches female entrepreneurs worldwide how to get sh*t done, monetize themselves, and build their brand, so that they can ultimately transform their #SideHustle into Solopreneur Success.


After doing everything “right” and following the traditional school-to-corporate path, she found herself craving more out of life. After 15-months side hustlin’ with her online business (while still working full-time), she quit her 9-5 for good and now shows others how to do the same.


Jessica has been featured on MindBodyGreen, Guided Mind, Pick the Brain, Women’s iLab, and more. She holds a BA in Communications and a MBA in Global Management.


#115 Multi-Passionate with Meliss Jakubovic

#115 Multi-Passionate with Meliss Jakubovic

August 8, 2017

Ever feel like you have too many ideas for your business? Or too many ideas in general? Some people agonize about needing to pick just one thing to focus on at a time, and act like what they are doing now is what they will be doing long term. The truth is that few people these days stay in the same job or have the same focus for longer than a few years at a time, and having a few different income streams in different areas can help you diversify and stay afloat when things change in your main area of focus.


Meliss Jakubovic knows a lot about this. When I asked her what she does I got the most amazing reply. Her main online business of the moment is Meliss Marketing which runs Facebook ads for coaches, business owners and people who run ecommerce sites. But the way she got into doing Facebook ads was from running her own Health and Lifestyle blog and coaching business. Which she actually still runs on the side. How did she get into Health and Lifestyle blogging and coaching? Well before that she trained in and taught Yoga, something she still also does on the said. But before that she was an Israeli Folk Dancer and also DJed on the side. All of which she STILL does! Oh and did I mention she is also the single mother of two young boys who also dance, do yoga and most of the other stuff right along with Meliss.


Now I tend to think that I'm a pretty busy women with a couple of businesses being run out of my own and caring for special needs kids to boot, but when I heard that Meliss still has a hand in all of these businesses that she ran in the past, I had to ask, do you ever sleep? How do you manage to keep all of these plates spinning? Or balls in the air depending on which metaphor you like best.


Meliss replied that she is very structured with her schedule and sticks to her calendar as best she can. Meliss Marketing is front and center right now, so she tends to spend the bulk of her working day on that. Yoga is part of her own self-care, but the fact that she gets paid to teach yoga classes some evenings and weekends means that her self-care is also an income stream. From what she told me the folk dancing is mainly a hobby, but she does still choreograph for certain shows and while that is going on she prioritizes that until the show is over and then it falls back down the priority list until another show or festival comes up. And the DJing fits in around other things when and if someone wants her to DJ. Oh and did I mention that she has also authored a book along with a companion journal to go along with it?


Because I've been struggling with learning how to run Facbook ads myself lately, I asked Meliss to share a few tips to help someone like me (who feels like I have only thrown money away on FB ads up to this point) start to get a handle on how they can really help my business grow. Here are a few of the tips she gave me:


  1. If you don't have a business page yet, set one up. You need one to run FB ads.
  2. Really make use of the business page real estate. Use a really good profile picture for your business page and use the cover photo to let people know what it is you do and how you can help them.
  3. Plan out your content. Curate the content, give them plenty of value and make sure you aren't only posting to sell. Facebook exists for engagement first. Being too salesly too soon can turn people off.
  4. However as you plan out your content, plan it around the launches or sales that you want to make throughout the year. Find and create content to logically leads into the services and products you want to sell.


I've always loved the idea of planning out my content well ahead of time, but I have honestly never done it outside of planning out content and emails that revolve around a single launch. I love the idea of sitting down and figuring out what I want to share for a couple of months at a time. Meliss even suggests planning around holidays and seasonal events. It may take a bit more time up front, but the payoff in consistency and always having content to post is totally worth the time investment.


You can connect with Meliss Jakubovic via her website at …..  List all her social media contacts here.  



You can find Meliss’ books Push Positive and My Vision Journal on Amazon.

You can get Meliss’ Top 5 Facebook Ads Tips here and you can get her Finding Your Dream Customer Guide here.

Meliss Jakubovic is a Facebook Ads Expert and Marketing Specialist. She’s a self-proclaimed Serial Entrepreneur and a hustler full of passion. Her ad agency, Meliss Marketing helps businesses and entrepreneurs put their product or service in front of the right client or customer so they can scale their business strategically and spend time doing what they love to do.


As a single mom of two boys, it is incredibly important for Meliss to use her time efficiently and effectively and that’s why she is determined to get sh*t done for her clients.


Meliss is an extremely hard worker and loves to help people achieve their goals. Problem-solving and resourcefulness are some of her best qualities.

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