UA-69776335-3 Episode #56 Soul Aligned Business with Leimomi Keliikuli
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Episode #56 Soul Aligned Business with Leimomi Keliikuli

July 28, 2016

This week I am thrilled to have Leimomi Keliikuli with me on the Financial Fluency Podcast. Leimomi spent 10 years as a modern monk before she left that life to marry her husband and start her own business as a psychic business mindset mentor. 

I know that so many entrepreneurs incorporate spiritual practice into their daily lives and are eager to hear more how coming into alignment can help grow their businesses. Leimomi is here to share so many amazing tips with us on how to hustle while staying in soul alignment. 

Her specialty is helping entrepreneurs discover their divine gift, come into alignment with that, and find resonance with their energetic signature! If you’ve been looking for a legit spiritual business mentor, Leimomi is a great person to talk to get started.

She feels money is definitely the key factor that keeps women from really stepping into their purpose and potential. She is in it to change the self employment industry about finance, business and spirituality.  

Find out more about Leimomi Keliikuli and her amazing work here and here.

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