UA-69776335-3 Episode #53 Creative Soul with Shari Teigman
Financial Fluency: How Women Thrive Outside of the 9 to 5

Episode #53 Creative Soul with Shari Teigman

July 7, 2016

Welcome to today's episode of Financial Fluency. Today I have the lovely Shari Teigman from the Creative Soul Lab. Creative Soul Lab is a podcast that I absolutely adore, I've been on it before and I listen to it regularly.

Shari is a Transformational Coach and Soul Explorer focusing on creative business strategy. Shari works with people to help them to re-light the soul of their life and their businesses.

"Anyone who is a business owner, really has their soul tied up in their work"

By helping her clients lift the veil of groundhog day, of living how you're supposed to, controlled by all the should's and have to's and losing your soul along the way. Shari helps people walk their way home in their lives and in their businesses.

You can find the Creative Soul Lab Podcast here


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