UA-69776335-3 Episode #66 Equality Pays with Michelle Gyimah
Financial Fluency: How Women Thrive Outside of the 9 to 5

Episode #66 Equality Pays with Michelle Gyimah

October 6, 2016

Today I have the very lovely Michelle Gyimah with me on Financial Fluency. Michelle is a tech gender equality consultant, a tech start-up improver, trainer, and speaker. She worked for over six years at the Equality and Human Rights Commission in the UK, helping employers work within the bounds of equality law, especially in regards to maternity leave. In the midst of her own maternity leave, she decided that she wanted to strike out on her own and provide consulting for businesses and employees as an entrepreneur.

In our discussion, we cover in depth the feelings of vulnerability and fear that women encounter when revealing their pregnancy to their employer. We talk about how women might choose to become self employed because of how their employers treat them around pregnancy and child care. We talk about how start-ups can provide a safe and comfortable culture for women. 

To connect with Michelle and learn more about her advice for employers and employees alike, check her out at