UA-69776335-3 Episode #58 Soul Powered with Sarah Kaler
Financial Fluency: How Women Thrive Outside of the 9 to 5

Episode #58 Soul Powered with Sarah Kaler

August 11, 2016

For today's episode, I am so pleased to be speaking with Sarah Kaler from Soul Powered. Sarah has an amazing story. She started as an entrepreneur in the yoga world, was headhunted by Lululemon to start their U.S. division and had an amazing career with that company. Now she's taking her corporate and entrepreneurial expertise to help women CEOs learn how to lead with vision and values in their businesses. 

Sarah brings us amazing tips on how to stop doing everything yourself as a small business own and how to start the scaling process by bringing on the right employees.

She also gives us some fantastic pointers on the best questions to ask in an interview to bring on employees that really fit with the values and vision of your company. Stop outsourcing and start building an amazing team.

Find Sarah Kaler at and check out her free guide on how to lead your business without losing yourself!