UA-69776335-3 Episode #49: Quiet and Fierce with Jennifer Gabiola
Financial Fluency: How Women Thrive Outside of the 9 to 5

Episode #49: Quiet and Fierce with Jennifer Gabiola

June 13, 2016

I love having podcast guests who I've actually met, in real life!!

Jennifer has gone through losing her 9-5 job and dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, she came through it using her passions for poetry and fashion. 

I love this quote "It's ok to feel good, it's ok to ask for help, it's ok to be supported and happy"

A summary of Jennifer's 3 tips:
  1. Trust your process, trust what feels right in the moment.
  2. Be good to yourself
  3. Know that your voice has value. 
You can get Jennifer's freebie (7 Tips to Be Consistently Visible), just for us, here.

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