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Financial Fluency: How Women Thrive Outside of the 9 to 5

#130 Building a Tax Empire with Rachel Michaelov

November 21, 2017

Does filing taxes as an entrepreneur scare you every quarter? Today on the show, I have Founder and CEO of Empire Tax Professionals, Rachel Michaelov. Her goal is to take a proactive approach to tax planning and finding all possible deductions and credits.

Rachel shares her story with me on how she left her corporate job to start her own business. About 13 years ago, Rachel was hired by one of the biggest companies in NYC who represented big celebrities. At the time, she was told she would work a 9-5 job, but she quickly realized that there was no work/life balance; it was too hard to juggle a family life and the corporate job. She mentions to me that leaving her W-2 was the best decision.

Now, Rachel gives her employees the flexibility to have a work/life balance with her current venture. With her family life, Rachel tells me that business is flourishing. She now serves over 600 small business owners and helps advise them to get their maximum deductions when it comes to taxes.


Rachel’s Business Mission

Teaching business owners about having someone help them in maintaining accurate records, and being sure they are spending the money they should for business and not overpaying for anything unnecessary.


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Rachel Michaelov is the Founder & CEO of Empire Tax Professionals. She has been a Licensed tax specialist for over a decade and is a true Entrepreneur at heart. Her specialties lie in helping small business owners optimize their taxes and achieve financial success. Rachel is constantly acquiring further certifications to master her craft and has been mentored by the very best throughout her climb to success. Now, she carries over her own skill set, and coupled her coaching career with her tax specialization. She is always looking to collaborate and help business owners, so follow her on social media!


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