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Financial Fluency: How Women Thrive Outside of the 9 to 5

#122 - Streamline Your Online Business with Erin Hook Kelly

September 26, 2017

Are you ready to streamline your online business? On this episode of Financial Fluency, I have Erin Hook Kelly with me. Erin is an online business manager and founder of Member Vault, a CRM (customer or client relationship management) tool where you can create and manage content for your business and well as engagement and lead tracking.

Erin’s path to creating Member Vault was accidental she tells me. Originally, she started working as an OBM (online business manager). As Erin put it—she acts as the ‘second business brain’ to help clients work on their business. What started as a quick tool for one of her clients, turned into something much bigger—a business. At the time, there weren’t many tools on the market to meet a particular client’s needs, so her husband (who is a developer) decided to build something himself. Now, the platform has evolved from housing courses to a full-fledged content platform. Erin tells me this is now merging into her full-time business.

Although Member Vault has seen proven success over the six months, Erin tells me on the show the decision to focus her time and energy wasn’t an easy one. There were times she would stay up at night wondering if she made the right decision. With her busy life, her online business, a 15-month-old, and all the other responsibilities Erin was juggling—something had to give. The book The Pumpkin Plan gave her the insight and courage she needed to make the right decision on what to focus her energy on: being the OBM to Adrienne Dorison, and passing over all her course materials to her and focusing her time on Member Vault.

“Be ruthless about your energy.” - Erin Hook Kelly

So what makes Member Vault different? First things first, it’s a content platform that’s based on your opt-in, and it’s a great way to surface the content you already have and track what people are consuming. What content you use is entirely up to you. It can be audio, video, pdfs, you name it. You can put your website URL, waitlist, your one-on-one services into the platform—any content you want people to have access to. Alongside content is the engagement portion of Member Vault. The tool allows you to see your most popular content, engagement points, and users. Erin also tells me that some popular user requests are in the pipeline for Member Vault updates in the new year and include affiliate programs, payments, and more.

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Erin’s Personal Message

Automated, personalized engagement is the wave of the future in online business. We saw it with email marketing tools like Active Campaign, and now we're seeing it with Facebook bots, website tools like ConvertFlow and of course, my course platform, Member Vault. Give your clients, and prospective clients, a personal experience by providing support, and sales pitches, that are appropriate for their stage and phase.


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Erin Kelly is an OBM for the fantastic Adrienne Dorison, and a co-founder of the automated engagement focused course platform, Member Vault, where students complete courses, and course creators watch their income domino.