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#119 Loving to Be Me with Katie Kozlowski

September 12, 2017

How would you look at yourself differently if you were hit by a taxi while walking home? For Katie Kozlowski, it was a wakeup call for her on that tragic night, and the accident made her recognize that she had a lot more to do with her life. Katie has now dedicated her life to guide both herself and her clients to self-love and mindfulness. In addition to coaching, Katie is the creator of Loving to Be Me. She also does voice acting for children shows, advertisements, and much more as well.

On the show, Katie brings up her background and how she has been singing and performing her whole life. Before her taxi accident, she was a brand ambassador for a liquor company. Katie mentioned she had destructive behaviors in the past, too. She grew up with alcoholism in her family and that subconsciously affected her into her adult life.

At the time of her accident, she wasn’t in a great relationship, and she felt herself spiraling down. One night, she got stood up by her boyfriend and started thinking suicidal thoughts “Does any one care if I die?” Seconds later she got hit by a taxi. And she had a chance to reassess how she was living and thinking, and that’s when she got on the track of mindfulness. She asks listeners on the show to think about this: “Are the things you’re doing self-loving or destructive?”

Katie tells me that once she started sharing her story, she began to inspire people. She never intended to build an empire, but Katie wanted to make something of her mess and use it for good.

Powerful Quotes from Katie

“Truth resonates so powerfully because what you’re saying is true...Anything you’re looking for you have inside. You don’t need to go into debt to find it.”

“Once you find it inside of yourself—it shows up.”

“When it comes to sales and running a business, you have to learn to charge and own your value.”

“If you have negative space (emotions or a bank account), don’t run away from it or cover it up. Sit it in and think about what you’re going to fill it with.”

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Katie Kozlowski is a self love and mindfulness coach and the creator of Loving To Be Me. After being hit full on by a taxi at 30 years old and walking away completely unharmed, Katie received her "wake up call" from God and dedicated the rest of her life to teaching others the value and importance of loving yourself as you are. Katie combines personal experience, NLP, EFT, and other cutting edge mindfulness technique help people recover from trauma, personal challenges and low self esteem to create a more loving relationship with the self.